Netflix app Introduction

Netflix app Introduction

Before you get started with the app and enjoy watching or downloading movies, all you need is to first sign in to the account on Netflix. The subscription costs you $8.95 monthly. Once you sign in to the account, Netflix app will ask you performing the following function, i-e; either you want to browse the previous searches or want to watch new movies or TV programs. In addition, once you use the app you will find different categories of movies, you can select the one you are interested in watching. If you are using Netflix app on your iphone, videos and movies will be played using the Wi-Fi services as well as 3G networks. Once the movie is played, you can pause, fast forward and stop it via a slider bad that appears on the screen.2016_08_02_60_GettyImages541789888.f89fe

Sometimes, the users might need to stop the video or a movie in the middle of the playback. In that case, this app allows you to get back again where you stopped off the video. The video will also pause itself if you receive a text message or a call on your device. The app also allows its users to pick up the movies they want to watch by popping up the window with a detailed description of the movie in DVD jacket. Users can also rate the movie or TV programs they have watched. The Netflix app interface is simple and similar to the Netflix website.

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Undoubtedly, the Netflix app is one of the most popular streaming and downloading application available for android and iOS platform. There are many more captivating features of the Netflix app that you can only enjoy once you use it. The appetite for using the app for iPhone and android users is increasing day by day.

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